Benefits of working with us

Expert Advice

Whether you have a SIPP, a SSAS or a stakeholder pension, our team of experts will break down the jargon and assist you in planning your retirement journey with clarity and confidence.

Targets Met

Regardless of your retirement timeline, whether it's in five years, fifteen years, or thirty years, we are dedicated to ensuring your financial targets are met, and we will help you secure a suitable pension plan to fulfil your retirement goals.

Plan Your Future

Sit down with us, and let's discuss a well-structured plan of action for your future. We'll ensure you have a clear vision and put in place a secure financial plan to pave the way for a prosperous tomorrow.

Monitor Your Pot

Stay focused on your pension pot as our team guides you. Watch it grow month by month, steadily building a secure and promising future.

Feel Protected

Having the right pension in place provides a sense of protection, assuring you that your future is secure and well-taken care of.

Love Your Life

Sit back, relax and enjoy life knowing that your pension is in the hands of experts who excel in their field and will handle it with utmost care and expertise.


Whether your retirement plans are in the distant future or just around the corner, it’s crucial to start planning now. There’s nothing more perilous than outliving your savings without a safety net. The sooner you begin planning, the easier it becomes to create and implement the retirement plan you’ve dreamed of. With people living longer lives, retirement plans hold greater significance, and the choices we make today will directly impact our future standard of living. Our retirement and pension advisors are here to assist you in determining your needs and devising an effective plan to secure your future starting today.

Decide On A Target

Calculating your retirement fund needn’t be difficult. Our experts will consider your desired annual income, account for inflation, and create a customised target for you to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Make A Commitment

Delays can be costly, but making extra contributions can help. The key is to create a well-thought-out plan and commit to it, ensuring a secure future for yourself and your financial well-being.

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Take a look at some testimonials from some of our loyal customers.

Robert Lewis accountants are knowledgeable about all financial matters with advice always free and concise. Extremely friendly staff & management. They also offer Wealth Management and Financial Advice in-house. By some distance the best accountancy firm I have ever worked with, would highly recommend.


My company decided to close the final Salary Pension and revert to a Normal Pension fund, I asked for the transfer value, on receipt I sought financial advice on what to do, I met with Ian and was impressed with the level of advice and the knowledge of the current financial markets.


Ian was amazing ! Couldn’t have asked for a more professional personalised service ! Highly recommend.


Ian reviewed all my pension pots and assessed my view of risk and the aspirations I had for retirement. I now have all my pensions consolidated into one, new scheme with the right level of contributions and the right risk profile to deliver what I want. My pension is much easier to manage and I have already seen some excellent returns from the funds.