Benefits of working with us

Expert Advise

With our team's wealth of knowledge, you gain access to expert investment opportunities on a global scale, empowering you to make informed and strategic financial decisions.

Managed Risk

By understanding your attitude towards risk and investment time horizon, we can tailor the perfect investment solution for you. Higher-risk investments typically offer greater returns but come with increased volatility. Rest assured, our expertise will help you find the right balance that aligns with your financial goals.


We offer access to a diverse range of investment structures, enabling us to find the most effective and efficient investment solutions that align perfectly with your specific objectives and financial goals.

You're In Charge

You have total control over how much you wish to invest and for how long, giving you complete autonomy over your investment decisions.


To implement a secure and well-structured financial solution, RL Wealth Management provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise.

Exchange Services

Our team is here to assist you in navigating the Foreign Exchange market with efficiency and precision, ensuring timely and informed decisions.


Our team of expert advisors will guide you in selecting the right investments to meet your financial objectives. All you need to do is decide on those objectives, whether it’s building a future retirement fund or growing your current savings to support your lifestyle. Self-understanding is crucial in this process. Whether you prioritise safety or seek higher returns, our team will find investments best suited to you and your needs. We’ll provide comprehensive advice, considering short-term risks and developing an overall investment strategy that aligns with your specific goals. Rest assured, we are committed to helping you achieve financial success with personalised and suitable investment choices.

Set Your Goals

To create the best plan possible, it’s essential to establish your goals and attitude to risk. Keeping this in mind, our collaborative approach involves working closely with you to select the most suitable investments that align with your objectives and risk appetite.

Sensible Investment Planning

At the core of our investment planning is your unique investment aims and objectives. We offer advice that works for you and alongside you, ensuring a collaborative approach that prioritises your financial goals.

Other Services




Financial Planning


Take a look at some testimonials from some of our loyal customers.

Robert Lewis accountants are knowledgeable about all financial matters with advice always free and concise. Extremely friendly staff & management. They also offer Wealth Management and Financial Advice in-house. By some distance the best accountancy firm I have ever worked with, would highly recommend.


My company decided to close the final Salary Pension and revert to a Normal Pension fund, I asked for the transfer value, on receipt I sought financial advice on what to do, I met with Ian and was impressed with the level of advice and the knowledge of the current financial markets.


Ian was amazing ! Couldn’t have asked for a more professional personalised service ! Highly recommend


Ian reviewed all my pension pots and assessed my view of risk and the aspirations I had for retirement. I now have all my pensions consolidated into one, new scheme with the right level of contributions and the right risk profile to deliver what I want. My pension is much easier to manage and I have already seen some excellent returns from the funds.